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Have you been looking for a safe place with women who are also on a spiritual journey? Spirit Seeking Sisters is a safe space for women of all ages to post, inspire, connect, laugh, heal and grow spiritually.


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What My Clients Are Saying

I had a reading with Kinsey and it was amazing! I was feeling lost and she helped me so very much! I can’t thank her enough, as she has given me faith that all will be okay. I highly recommend having a reading with her.


After moving to Colorado as a newlywed I faced some struggles adjusting to my new life.  Whether it came to family, career or friendships Kinsey always helped  me get back on track.  She has helped me to focus on myself as an individual in order to have more success in relationships and life.  Without her guidance I would not have been able to let go of toxic relationships or have such a strong marriage.  Her encouragement has also led me to pursue my life long dream of finishing school instead of staying in a dead-end job.

Nina S.

Kinsey did an Angel Reading for my pet and me during a time of great crisis when my pet’s vet had given up on her but my heart said otherwise. There was no way that Kinsey could have known about my situation or the magnitude of the crisis I was dealing with sitting half way across the world. Working with just a general question, the guidance that Kinsey provided was spot on, as if we had discussed it face to face over a cup of coffee! What I really appreciate about Kinsey is her high level of professionalism, authenticity, compassion and her willingness to go the extra mile to help others. I was asking Archangel Raphael for help but being new to the realm of Angels, it was difficult for me to truly connect and Kinsey took her reading further by helping me to understand the message and know that I was on the right track. The ultimate compliment I can pay Kinsey is providing me with the moral support to rise above the situation to succeed in helping my pet and even write a book!

Vatsala S.

Career & Life Balance Coach, Karmically Coaching